Lego Mindstorms

Here I collect films from our days working with Lego Mindstorms

In the first film we can watch Jonny cruise on an ”Airwheel” and Tore try to do the same…

In this second one you can see glimpses of what grade 6 worked with day 1

Here some of the pupils present their robots for the final battle. And you also see some of the first battle.

Here comes fight two and three

Here the robot solves Rubicks cube

Here the teacher Jonny talks about what they have done (in swedish)

And here you see grade five getting ready for the final race

A short film when they are making final adjustements

The pupils presenting their cars before the final race (in swedish)

And here is the final race

Here Jonny demonstrates a robot who can follow a ball and shoot at it…

And here you can see a robot doing his morning exercise (there will be more of this later)


Here the robot shows up more Dancing!


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